Sunday, May 1, 2011

Cloth Diapers: The Truth About Savings

Here is a GREAT chart that breaks down the cost of cloth diapering vs. disposables by TYPE of cloth diaper. It might be a bit confusing for a CD Noob, but the savings are obvious. I'm so glad someone did the math and posted this!



  1. It's insane how much disposable diapers cost in the long run! The charts for CD seem to show buying multiple sizes...which increases the cost (though still WAY below disposables)...I thought many of the CD companies had diapers that were sort-of one-size-fits-all? Adjustable? Is that not true?

  2. I have emailed Diaper Decisions, and hopefully they'll get back to me about why they didn't include OS diapers in their charts. Until I hear back, here's my opinion about it:

    Yes! I would say that *most* cloth diapers are at least width adjustable. And yes, there are a TON of OS [One Size] diapers out there!

    I think that maybe DD didn't include OS dipes into their chart to show the maximum cost you'd incur with perfect fits? That's just a guess though... I really don't know why they didn't include them, and I'm not friendly enough with math to figure it out myself! Just figure your costs would be even lower, as you can use the same diapers for you baby at 8lbs thru 30+lbs!