Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sandbox Lane

I have a new favorite online store! Sandboxlane.com
They are brand spankin' new this year, and stock eco-friendly baby products. I follow @sandboxlane on Twitter, and let me tell you, Linda is AWESOME to chat to and she has always tweeted back when I @ her. :]

Earlier this week (Tuesday), she tweeted, asking if there was an interest in a standing discount code for Military Mamas. I of course jumped all over that with excitement and suggestions of how to screen for legitimate mil-mamas while protecting their security at the same time. So I got my code, placed an order, (they offer FREE SHIPPING on orders $30+ Bee T. Dubs.), and it arrived today (Saturday)! That's ridiculously fast, in the world of free shipping to Hawaii! Not to mention I saved $4.86 on my order. Bonus!

Here's what I ordered:

aden + anais radiant blue swaddle single 

(But I got it in red, ha ha)




Natural Wood Ring Rattle





Stacking Cup Set


I am really excited to try these things out. The rattle will be stashed away in Mama's Bag O' Tricks for when we fly to Charleston in 2 weeks (eek!). I haven't decided if I'll takes the cups yet, but since they nest so nicely, I'll definitely think about it. There won't be baby toys where we're staying. The blanket is going FOR SURE. Charleston is HOT, and humid. I'm hoping that the muslin will be comforting, but not stifling. Not to mention that it's got stars for Stella on it. :] I *so* want the blue one, and I know a&a make a green one too, but I might hold off. Or rather, I'll try to hold off, hee hee

Here's what's going on lately at Ye Old Sandbox: They're having a giveaway when they reach 500 Twitter followers! Details are here: http://blog.sandboxlane.com/2011/04/great-500-follower-giveaway.html

So go to http://twitter.com/#!/sandboxlane Follow, and tell her that @mamasuperpow sent you!

OOOH!! I almost forgot to mention that if they don't stock a product that you're interested in, just ask, and if they end up stocking it, they'll include some Funk Rock with your order! I asked about Mama Cloth, and they're going to carry the Fuzzibuns line! I am awesome. They are awesome. Go follow them so hard (and mention me).

Seriously. New favorite.

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