Monday, March 7, 2011

Beyond The Nausea, Into The Wild New Yonder

After an almost 5 month hiatus, I am back. Back how often? That remains to be seen, but rather than remain buried under the guilt and pressure to complete http://thenauseachronicles.blogspot.com I have decided to start fresh, and post what I can, when I can. We have moved beyond (faaaaar beyond) nausea, and are well into the land of spitup. We breastfeed exclusively, we cloth diaper. We are 5 months (on Thursday, March 10th) into this, and there is no turning back.

The Spitup Diaries are born.

1 comment:

  1. :) woo hoo!!! you have made a little person survive for 5 whole moths!!! Way proud of ya ( not that there was ever any doubt of you total and complete awesomeness on my part!!) Glad the Nausea Chronicles are done and over with I love me some Baby awesome!!!