Friday, March 25, 2011

Sweet Cheeks Bum Bar by Lilac Ave

I've been using a Sweet Cheeks Bum Bar that I received as a sample for review made by my good friend Deb, who is the creatrice behind Lilac Ave (link is to her Esty profile). She sent me this:

The first thing I noticed about this diaper cream is it's design. It's in a push up tube!! Genius! I don't have to squeeze the cream out of a tube and smear it all over the baby's diaper area. I don't have to look around for something to wipe my fingers off on while my wiggledy-piggledy 5month old flails about and does her best to kickkickkick me in the stomach from the changing table (a throwback from her womb days, perhaps?). I like the lack of mess A. LOT.

The Bum Bar is made from all natural ingredients, which is not something I actively search for in products that I buy, but it's always a bonus. The scent is light and herbal, not medicinal or obviously scented (like fakey floral or baby powder scents. YUCK). There are only 5 ingredients in this product. I love how simple it is.

Just before I began using it, my daughter had the beginning of a rash, that over about 3 days spread over her diaper area. I grabbed this cream, and the combination of it and more frequent diaper changes (and some free-butt time on a towel), her rash cleared right up!

So. The breakdown:
  • I LOVE that it's cloth diaper friendly!! Best part, in my opinion.
  • I liked that I didn't have to touch the cream. 
  • I didn't like that I couldn't always tell what area I'd already covered, b/c it doesn't leave an obvious visual trail.
  • I liked the scent! It was lovely.
  • I didn't like that the bar didn't glide as smoothly as I would have hoped. Sometimes I felt as though there was a tiny bit of friction between the bar and baby's skin, and that maybe that was effecting the coverage.
  • I had some trouble keeping the bar in the tube, or to keep it pushed up.  I would push it up slightly to use, and when I put it to baby's skin, it would slide back into the tube. So, being a clever mama, I tried holding my finger inside the tube, to provide it with resistance, which simply made it fall all the way through when I turned it over to use on baby. I really don't know if there's anything else I could do to solve the problem myself. I'm good friends with Mama Strick, who also reviewed the bar, and she didn't have this problem. 
Overall, I would give this product 4 out of 5 stars. If I didn't have the problem of the bar sliding in and out of the tube against my will, I would give it 5. It's good stuff!

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    1. I stick my index or middle finger in there. It took a little practice, but it's gotten easier. I love that I don't have gook all on my fingers.