Friday, March 11, 2011

Diaper Demo

So, it looks like there will be a cloth diaper demo taking place in my dining room tomorrow evening! I'm not going to say too much about it until it's over, and I can post pics and say how it went, but I am SUPER excited about it!

Ok, I lied. Here's the plan:

So far, it looks like I'm going to have Flips, BumGenius, Fuzzibuns, prefolds, Thirsties Duowraps, Gro-Babys, a Kissaluv, gDiapers and Smartipants from my own stash. I don't actually use each of those anymore, but I figure it'll be good to show the options, and talk about pros and cons of each, based on what the guests are looking for. I also have some of the disposable inserts for the Grow-Babys, and gDiapers that I will show.

My awesome friend Mama Strick from In My Humble Opinion is going to be bringing a bunch of different kinds that I don't own to show as well.

I feel similarly to wee Angus in this video clip:

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