Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Never Look A Gift Lion In The Mouth

Stella is asleep on me. I really want to go make myself some lunch, but I strongly believe that babies, like lions, should be left sleeping whenever possible.

Also, with the current nap-clime around here, it's really best to let her nap now, rather than be miserable (and thus making ME miserable) later.

The primary reason (I'm assuming here, like all good parents do) for her nap-lackage is that she has recently sprouted a fang. And by recently, I mean it wasn't there on Sunday, but I got hella chomped on come Monday. Today is Tuesday, and I'm wondering if it's next-door neighbor fang is going to make an appearance anytime soon, or how long the misery is going to be prolonged. NDNF isn't showing any signs of interest in sprouting, so I think that misery is going to reign for a while yet.

I do believe that the wee fang'ed beastie and I shall be making a foray out to the Navy Exchange for some more Baby Tylenol and a delicious Starbucks treat for Mama.

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