Monday, March 7, 2011

Breastfeeding Support Basket

I breastfeed. Exclusively, for 21 weeks, and 2 days now. Not that I'm counting. It has been one of the hardest and most exhausting things I've ever done in my life. Many times, especially in the early weeks, I thought "I can't do this." My across the street neighbor is out-to-here pregnant, due in about 2 weeks, and she's said that she wants to breastfeed. So I put together what I call a "Breastfeeding Support Basket" for her! I hope that she doesn't experience the anxiety and pain that I did. I hope that she has a magical, wonderful, bonding experience with her baby! But if she doesn't, I hope that the things I've put together can help her stick with it anyway. Here's what I put together:

Reusable breast pads, a Lansino goodie bag with a tube of lanolin creme, a nursing cover, a reusable water bottle, a nursing reminder bracelet, a granola bar, a nursing footstool by Medela, and a My Breastfriend nursing pillow. I also included a small notebook full of tips! I asked a few of my friends that are nursing, and on a Mommy forum I'm part of to give me tips/advice they wish they'd had at the beginning. I'm pretty pleased with what I put together, and I hope it all serves her well.

Here are pictures of some of the pages in the notebook:
(yes, I have horrible handwriting.)

Peace, Love and cuppy-cakes,
Mama Powers

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